Everyone has a role to play in the client experience lifecycle

There are many moving parts in a business, from strategy and product development, marketing and sales, client acquisition, service and retention, finance, human resources, learning & development, information technology and so much more. Your client experiences your brand via all these touchpoints, not just through your sales, marketing and client services teams.

So when we look at the client experience lifecycle it’s evident that everyone has a role to play, including the receptionist that welcomes your client in the office, to the catering team serving that killer cappuccino in your meeting, and the finance team collecting the payment for your invoices at the end of the month.

Every interaction with your client leaves an inprint, not just their experiences with your client service teams, attending your events or receiving your communications.

It’s therefore imperative that everyone knows what their role is and how they contribute to the overall growth of your business. If you’re not sure that everyone is on-board with your mission or if your teams are not all moving in the same direction, then get in touch. We have developed a suite of coaching and training sessions and tools to help ignite your team into action.