Respect and responsibility – living two basic values

People talk about living the brand values of an organisation. Some have it written down in a staff manual, others have it enblazoned on posters around the office. But then there are the people within companies that do that and actually live and breathe the values every day. You can see it in the way people act, react, collaborate, communicate, support and grow. How employees talk to each other and how management talks to staff.

I’m particularly drawn to two basic values, that one should live every day, no matter where you find yourself – at work, at home or at play – respect and responsibility.

One should always respect those around you. Respect differences, similarities, people’s rights, qualities, feelings, achievements, challenges and needs. Without respect for others, how can you expect to be respected?

Then responsibility. To take responsibility for your actions and reactions. To be responsible to those that you work for and those who work for you. To be responsible to your family and friends.

Ultimately you are accountable for your actions and reactions and the impact of living these two basic values can be substantial and can be a catalyst for growth.

What do you think? Which values resonate more with you? Do you live them? What keeps people from living the values?